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Carole P. Roman, Author of  the "If You Were Me and Lived In..." series, 11/27/14

Wes Wetzel, Author of "1001 A.D." 12/8/14

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  1. I wondered if you might be interested in my latest book – ‘Notes From a Very Small Island’.
    It's for anyone wanting to read about the curious life on a Croatian Island or for anyone who is thinking about going to live in a backwater anywhere.
    It is a follow-up to the bestselling ‘Under a Croatian Sun’ which was at No 5 on the Amazon Best Seller list of Travel Writing books for 2 months this summer,
    It tells the story of the author and his wife upping sticks and leaving their humdrum life for blue skies and café life on a primitive island in Croatia.
    In this latest book, the couple continue their attempts to fit in with the village community, which is not always easy, and more often than not their endeavours involve them in disasters. But through all this, they get to see the crippling legacy that communism and the recent war has left in the lives of their new neighbours.
    It is a book for anyone who is thinking of embarking on a new life somewhere different, but although a light hearted tale, the book is a heartfelt insight into an ex-communist society trying to adjust to the 21st century and the ways of the Western World.
    Reviews for ‘Under a Croatian Sun’:
    ‘It’s escapism that really works. Full of acute observation, uncontrollable humour and a rousing climax.’ - Country Life
    ‘To his credit Stancomb resists the stereotype of the closed-minded British expatriate.’ - Independent on Sunday - Pick of the paperbacks
    ‘A thoroughly good read ---An endearing tale of a roller coaster ride.’ - Croatia Online
    ‘This is not a tale of your usual English couple. This is such a fantastic read ... both humorous and thought provoking.’ - Travellingbookjunkie

    Perhaps it might encourage you to come of visit us.....?