Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Unbelievable Adentures of a WW II German War Bride

By Ingeborg M. Johnston

When World War II era Germany comes to mind, thoughts of Hitler, the Nazi party and atrocities committed there inevitably come to mind. Yet it is said that only 10% of the German population were party members. What of the other 90%? What of their lives? How were they affected when their leader brought war to their country?

Meet Ingeborg Johnston. As a child, she lived in a small German town. She swam and enjoyed an idyllic, if not priviledged childhood with her parents and brother. As she grew, and the Nazi party came to power, she and her friends found themselves in a changing world as they hid from and tricked the groups of Hitler's Youth who would try to recruit them. As a teenager, instead of pursuing a course of study she had intended, she foudn herself working as a nurse, dodging bombs, hiding in shelters, aiding the sick, injured and dying in the war-torn city of Berlin.

In her new book The Unbelievable Adventures of a WWII German War Bride, Ingeborg M. Johnston shares with her readers the experiences of her lifetime.  Ranging from her journey to America as one of the first German war brides, to her experiences with the Mrs. America contest, Ingeborg invites and draws her readers in.  Whether she was teaching injured soldiers or blind children to swim, or encouraging a campaign of hugs, Inge sent her life attempting to improve the lives of others around her.  Readers will laugh with her at some mishaps, share in her grief over a brother left behind the dreaded Berlin Wall and will ultimately be in awe at the fulness of this one woman's remarkable life.

Rather than telling her account in a straightforward, chronological narrative, each chapter forcuses on a different experience in her life.  Sometimes the chapters flow in order, but often they skip from one time to another, forward and back.  While some may find this a bit disjointed or distracting, to others it will bring to mind a grandmother recounting tales of her life to her grandchildren.  In this, the layout of the book makes her accounts all the more realistic, authentic and amazing.

Closing the book at the end of the final chapter, the reader cannot help but be awed by this woman's incredible and yes, "unbelievable" adventures.  They may also find themselves motivated, perhaps to see the world from a different persective, through "Inge-tinted glasses."

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