Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pepper Parrot's Problem with Patience

By Carole P. Roman

When a new crewmember joins Captain No Beard and his “hearty bunch of mates” aboard The Flying Dragon, everyone is excited. Welcoming her with a resounding “Arrrgh, arrrgh” the crew is eager to help Pepper the parrot find her place among the crew.
Problems arise, however when Pepper has trouble with the daily drills. Instead of responding with frustration and criticism, the crew rallies behind Pepper.  In a display of understanding, care and a lot of patience, the crew helps Pepper overcome her difficulties to be a strong and fully capable member of the crew.

Pepper Parrot’s Problem with Patience is a fun children’s book that has earned a ForeWord Clarion Five Star Review.  Set in the heart of childhood imagination, author Carole P. Roman’s book subtly teaches about problem solving without tears and the importance of teamwork and perseverance and patience.

Parents and grandparents, you’ll want to add this book and other Captain No Beard stories to the home library of your young crewmembers.
This review was submitted by Kristin  - Kristin is a wife, homeschooling mom and the founder of The Book Trotter.  She wrote her first review over 20 years ago and has been reading and loving books ever since.

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