Saturday, December 6, 2014

1001 A.D.

By Wes Wetzel

On a U.N. sponsored expedition, a team of scientists discover an ancient village nestled on a channel of a hidden fjord in Greenland.  There archeologist Jonathan Henry makes a find of a lifetime: Nordic scrolls written on reindeer hide, hidden and preserved inside a stone casket.
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In his debut novel 1001 A.D., author Wes Wetzel ventures back through the pages of history. As the scrolls are carefully translated, readers are transported to the life and adventures of none other than the famous Viking explorer and navigator Leif Ericson and his loyal companion and friend Eric Thorson. Escaping the regime of a tyrant named Lord Gustav, Leif, Eric and others set off to establish a new village in a new land. Unlike the popular expectation of Vikings who pillage and plunder, these adventurers focus on exploration and discovery of a new world. Drawn in by this exceptional tale, readers will experience their wonder, mourn with them through their losses, read with trepidation their great trials and rejoice in their triumphs.

Well researched, 1001 A.D. is written in such a manner that at times readers might forget it is a work of fiction and almost expect to see photographs of the expeditions, both present day and ancient. In this work, Mr. Wetzel opens the door of possibility and leaves his readers desiring to know more about this time and these adventurers. This reviewer couldn't put the book down until its conclusion and then immediately set about researching Leif Ericson. For fans of historical fiction or of Viking lore, this is the book for you.

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