Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eyelike Colors

From the everyday colors such as purple and blue to the more uncommon pearl and iridescent, nature's wide array of colors are displayed for all to see in Play Bac Publishing's new book Eyelike Colors.

Green is no longer just green; red is no longer just red. Each two to four page spread in this book is devoted to a single color, or rather to a spectrum of shades of color. For example, readers see that sunflowers, grapefruit, ducklings and daffodils are all different shades of yellow. Flamingoes, pigs, raspberries and cherry blossoms are all differing shades of pink.

Each page, without exception, is filled with bright vibrant pictures of colors found in nature. Even the sections devoted to black and to white are eye-catching and vibrant in their own right. The photography is such that one could very easily flip through this book without pausing to read the short sentences and still take away much from the experience. The words are very clearly secondary in this colorful book.

Children will love looking at this book and seeing items of varying colors and shades. They will enjoy seeing their own favorite colors displayed in nature and may even be encouraged to discover these colors on their own as they play and explore the great outdoors.

Parents will not regret purchasing this book, nor is it one that is likely to be found in a used book store anytime soon.

This review was submitted by Kristin Pace. Kristin is a wife and mother and founder of The Book-Trotter.  She wrote her first review 20 years ago and has been reading and loving books ever since.

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