Friday, May 27, 2011

Spyder Hole

By Bob Nesoff
On a warm July morning, on a quiet beach on the Red Sea, gunmen appear and methodically kill everyone, including women and children, who had the misfortune of being on the beach.  Only one man survived.  Two months later, in a busy metropolitan city in the United States, over 3000 people are killed as terrorists hijack planes and use them as enormous missiles aimed at the heart of the city. Now, five years later, it is going to happen again.
In his new book Spyder Hole, author Bob Nesoff takes us into the world of the military’s elite. Combined forces of Israel’s Mossad, Britains SIS, and America’s CIA and special forces must piece together bits of information concerning a nuclear attack before it is too late.
Dan Halevi, an Israeli Mossad agent is haunted by the knowledge that although he had the information, he was unable to figure out what was going to happen in New York City until it was too late.  He is committed to not allowing that to ever happen again on his watch.  On his team, as his top aide, is Hesh Whitman, the lone survivor from the beach massacre at Eliat.  Hesh is blinded by a need for revenge after watching the murder of his bride on the beach.  His rage may prove to be a distraction and ultimately a stumbling block in this new race against time.
Information has been intercepted indicating a nuclear attack is imminent both on American and British soil.  With terrorists airing their demands, Haveli and his international team must find a way to get one step ahead in order to stop what promises to be a devastation unlike the world has ever seen before.  Indeed, the fate of an entire nation may hang in the balance.
Readers will find themselves holding their breath throughout the story’s twists and turns, only to let it out and have to hold it again in anticipation.  Rife with action, danger and nearly depleted countdowns, Spyder Hole is one book lovers of military thrillers will not want to miss.

This review was submitted by Kristin  - Kristin is a wife, mom and the founder of The Book-Trotter.  She wrote her first review over 20 years ago and has been reading and loving books ever since.
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